Difference between BMW 320i and BMW 320d

The BMW 3-series is taking on its rivals like Audi A4, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz C-class with a stride. The BMW 320 price makes it competitive enough given the features it provides. Though there is a fierce competition among these big guns, the series 3 of BMW as seen by the loyal enthusiasts is the iconic BMW with its driver centric qualities and world famous brand name.

There are two versions of BMW 320. One has a letter “i” suffixed to it, whereas the other has letter “d”. These letters actually represent the type of fuel used. While “i” indicates the usage of gasoline, “d” represents diesel. Some other letters are also used like “L”, which tells that the model is longer than the regular ones and “M”, which indicates that the model exhibits sports engine, different types of brakes and wheels, more power etc.

A lot of confusion arises as to whether one should go for 320i or 320d. Though both the models are basically the same with respect to technicalities, the difference is only in the engine. Torque is what moves the car and diesel engines give a lot of it. It also has a better resale value as compared to the gasoline model, but the gasoline models are very quiet and refined. That quietness is hard to achieve in the diesel variant, but the BMW team has done a really great job with it. Though the torque is higher in diesel variant, in city driving it hardly makes a difference and definitely you are not going to use a BMW to tow your trailer.

The price difference between the base models of both the variants can also be a differentiator. BMW 320i starts from 28.5 lakhs, whereas 320d starts at 35.5 lakh.

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